Ahmed, S 2007, ‘The language of diversity’, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol. 30 No. 2, March 2007, pp.235-­‐256. Benjamin Millar, 2018, 60 Minutes taken to task for ‘undignified’ autism segment,  photograph, retrieved 10 July 2018, Bonica, D 2017, Sudanese refugee Ayan Macuach fights to change stereotypes and study law, photograph, retrieved July 22 2018, Fryer, RG and Levitt, SD 2006, Testing for racial differences in the mental ability … Continue reading References

A change in the tide

Using the three following images I will be looking at the media and political commentary around immigration in Australia and the impact that this has on social justice within the classroom. The collected images are of three politicians’ comments that are doing the rounds of the Australian mainstream and social media. The comments made are based around the assumption of dangers connected with select ethnic … Continue reading A change in the tide

A Heavy Subject

The above images that I will be discussing are connected to the proposed weighing of children every two years. The proposal was made by the Global Obesity Centre (GLOBE) at Deakin University. The key topics I will be discussing in relation to this image and article are social exclusion, the relationship between socioeconomic status (SES) and educations and the impacts of privilege on social equality. … Continue reading A Heavy Subject

Haaa Gayy

Haaa Gay! In this entry I will be looking at a topical issue within Australian political and cultural history. This particular image has been around for the past 6 years, continually showing on social media. It was only while engaging in Kumashiro (2000) that it seemed to peak my interest. The meme highlights a history of ‘othering’ or separating homosexuals from the societal norm (Kumashiro’s … Continue reading Haaa Gayy